Ozone Foundation

Get Involved

Get Involved

Every child has the right to better healthcare, education, and brighter future. We are working to make this a reality. With our diverse and innovative teaching methods, extensive healthcare, higher education, and career guidance, we wish to soon achieve the world we envisioned for these children.

Become a Volunteer

Become a volunteer with us. Contribute your precious hours to give these children a strong foundation to build their future on.

Become a Partner

Partner with us in our quest to provide better health, hygiene, and higher education facilities to children from marginal communities. Find out more about partnering with us here.

Make a donate

It is not how much you donate but the outcome you contribute to that matters to us. Donate today to give every child a chance to reach their dreams. And remember, no amount is a small amount.

Celebrate your Special Day

Looking to make your special day worthwhile? Celebrate your day with us and cherish this memory of a lifetime as you go home with a heart filled with love and compassion.

Spread a Word

Spreading a good word is worth more than anything. When you talk about our initiative, it makes more and more people keen on contributing to this noble cause.