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We have positively affected the lives of hundreds of children. And those children, in turn, influence their peers to join us for better education and future opportunities. Our impact on every child’s life is not just educational or short-term, our impact is long-term and lifetime.

Story of Change


I Aspire to Become a Great Teacher One Day – Gudiya

I am Gudiya and I come from a family where my father is the sole breadwinner and works as a day labourer in Chandigarh’s Kaimbwala to support the family…

Moni, College

Dreams do become Reality – Moni

We have all heard that every child is special, but what makes them special? It is their unique abilities and talents. Akshar school helped me discover my unique abilities and provided positive encouragement…


I Dream of Becoming Self-Dependent – Suhani

Although I hail from a humble family of four, education was challenging for me. My parents migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Chandigarh when I was a kid in search of better jobs so they could provide …


My Family is My Strength, and I Want to Make Them Proud – Manoj

I enrolled at Akshar School in the 7th grade. I started by struggling at school, but gradually went on to perform well. I believe my grit and hard work enabled me to pass class 10th with flying colours…

Sushila, College

Value the Opportunities Given to You – Sushila

I am Sushila and I hail from UP. When I was in 6th grade I moved to Chandigarh with my aunty for better education. I was in 10th grade when I heard about the Akshar School an inclusive educational environment that provided quality education to every child…

Education Has the Power to Transform – Aarti

I was in class V when my brother Arun and I were enrolled in Akshar School. I had a great interest in my studies, But little did I know that my life would take a turn. When I was in class 10, my family insisted that I drop out of school and get married…


I Can Bring Change – Chhaya

I come from a family of seven members with five siblings who are all enrolled at Akshar School. I am the eldest of all siblings and am currently in college while my four siblings are completing their school education. My father does odd jobs to serve our family…

Swati, XII

I Continue to Persist – Swati

I recognize Akshar School as a great opportunity for better education. My small family of five migrated from Uttar Pradesh in 2011 to provide better educational opportunities to us. My father is a daily worker, and my mother works as domestic help…

Rosy, X

I Am Spreading My Wings – Rosy

Rozy comes from a small family of four members who migrated from Uttar Pradesh in search of better jobs and opportunities. While her father works as a security guard, her mother is a homemaker. Rozy has been a shy girl from the beginning …

Kajal, XI

I Want to Make My Parents Proud – Kajal

I am Kajal, and my family of five moved here from Uttar Pradesh many years back. My mother is a homemaker, while my father works as a mason. I was a grade 3rd student when I joined Akshar School with the help of my mother…

Experiences shared by Shambhu Sir


“Their Spark Motivates Me – Shambhu Sir”

I feel free while working with the Ozone foundation, Akshar School. The students in the school are from humble backgrounds. And they are filled with different potentials. This motivates me to work with…

Experience shared by Anu Thakur


“Akshar School Spreads the Light of Knowledge – Anu Thakur”

The students of Akshar School are like a bunch of flowers- all different and unique. Every child has a special fragrance and color. They all shine so brightly that their shine is enough to impress anyone…