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I Continue to Persist – Swati

Swati, XII

I recognize Akshar School as a great opportunity for better education.

My small family of five migrated from Uttar Pradesh in 2011 to provide better educational opportunities to us. My father is a daily worker, and my mother works as domestic help. Being the eldest of three siblings, I have always felt responsible for improving the lives of my younger siblings.

As a student, I believe that I have been very active in various co-curricular activities in school, and it has helped me gain confidence. I even secured the first position here. I believe that Akshar School is exposing me to new learnings and experiences essential to prepare for the life ahead. Not just that, I am extremely grateful to the teachers for their efforts.

When I was enrolled in Akshar School in 2017, my mother was supportive, but my father was not. I still sometimes feel pressured by my father and think about dropping out of school to start earning. This has affected my focus significantly. It has been challenging to keep on track, but I try to stay motivated

I aim to pursue Computer Training for my economic independence. Although I dream of pursuing BCA, family & finances have got me confused about whether I should just get training in computers and start working. I hope I am able to the right decision for me!