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I Dream of Becoming Self-Dependent – Suhani

Although I hail from a humble family of four, education was challenging for me. My parents migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Chandigarh when I was a kid in search of better jobs so they could provide for the family and get the kids educated.

My family’s financial limitations came in the way of my father’s dream of teaching my brother and me in good schools. Being a daily labourers, their income was not enough to cover the kind of education they wanted for us.

But my life changed, and for good, as I became the first-generation learner in my family. I joined Akshar in 3rd grade back in 2009. Apart from being active in everything, I was also regular and participative in all the activities. Akshar’s remedial classes gave me a new experience and a chance to explore more.

In no time, I completed high school and scored 77.4%. When I told my parents about my results, they were overjoyed. With my parent’s emotional support and my mentors of Akshar School this year I got admitted to Panjab University for Fashion Designing, which I had always dreamed of.

Today I am one step ahead of fulfilling my ambition of opening my own mini-store where I want to display my designs and artwork.

Children like me are not just dreaming but also striving to fulfill them with the help of Akshar School and easy access to quality education.

I also volunteer my time at Akshar School to mentor our young brothers and sisters. Additionally, I work as a freelancer at Pransanchetas Foundation to learn new skills and tutor children in my community. To further get closer to my dreams, I wish to enroll in a Master’s Program at an Art College. 

With Akshar’s support and enthusiasm, more girls like me will shine brighter.