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Experience shared by Anu Thakur

“Akshar School Spreads the Light of Knowledge – Anu Thakur”

The students of Akshar School are like a bunch of flowers- all different and unique. Every child has a special fragrance and color. They all shine so brightly that their shine is enough to impress anyone. And this is what motivates me to work.

The difference we see in the children’s lives after they spend a certain amount of time here at Akshar School is unbelievable. It is like a Diya (lamp) that is keen on spreading the light of knowledge. So I wish with all my heart that every student who comes here becomes a learned person and achieves their dreams in life.

When a child comes to Akshar School, there is a lack of confidence in them, and they do not perform very well in their studies. But as they spend some time in school and start learning, we observe certain positive changes in them. They start growing like a seed grows into a plant when nurtured and nourished well. The same child who lacked confidence is now filled with confidence can speak well, and performs significantly well in studies as well as other co-curricular activities.

The success story of Ibrahim is very close to my heart. He works very hard and is currently preparing for IPS. He is also motivating other students with his knowledge. Even when he was in school, his performance was commendable. After completing his schooling, he sometimes comes to the school to help us. He is a shining star in our school.