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World Environment Day 5th June 2022

5th June 2022

Every year on June 5th, people around the world celebrate World Environment Day to raise global awareness. It is the day when humanity is reminded of the urgent need to protect the environment.

In our Akshar school we followed the same trend. Our teachers organized a special workshop with an aim to motivate children and raise awareness of the impact of global protection. They conveyed the message about waste management, planting trees and climate change through a variety of fun activities that were greatly enjoyed by the students.

Our art teacher taught the students to make eco-friendly pendants from flowers and plants with the goal of sensitizing children about their surroundings. Some children learned how to make paper bags from newspapers, recycle plastic bottles and make beautiful handicrafts. Students studying in higher level were engaged in gardening activities and creative writing class based on the theme. Last but not least, our theatre students had an intensive discussion with their theatre teacher about the importance of the environment.

The workshop concluded positively as the children made a commitment to keep their environment clean and raise awareness in their own community.